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We're often asked, "Do you carry Faux Leather Pillows?", and it's clear from the question that many people believe "FAUX" is actually a type of leather...

The short answer is NO! We only carry GENUINE Leather pillows. Judging from their ads, the large department stores would have you believe that "faux", (pronounced FOE) is actually a type of leather, when nothing could be further from the truth. Faux is a french word for "FAKE", but it also means "false, wrong, counterfeit, forged & untrue"! I couldn't have said it better myself!
What is it, then? PLASTIC. That's right, it's plastic applied to a fabric backing, stamped with grain to appear like leather. Sure, it costs less than real leather, but you get what you pay for. Plastic pillows will simply not last or perform like the real thing. You'll be throwing them away about the time REAL leather pillows are hitting their stride! Our genuine Leather Pillows can last for DECADES, "faux leather" pillows a few years at best.
Join us in our "Fight Against Faux"! Insist on the real thing! Nothing looks like it, nothing feels like it, nothing lasts like it...Make sure it's GENUINE LEATHER!


Design your own custom leather pillow, at discount store prices!   Choose from 12 sizes and 19 colors, and dozens of special order colors! From small accent pillows to huge floor pillows - we've got what you’re looking for!

Looking for that perfect accent piece to "pull the room together"?  Select from Wild Animal images, Vintage Botanical prints, Old Fruit Box Labels, Americana and more! Choose from over 200 images in 17 collections!!

Design your own custom leather pillow with your full color photo! Makes a wonderful gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or any special occasion!  The perfect gift for that person that has everything!

Hurry! Offer is good for a limited time only!

*Except AK & HI, Shipped at cost

Want that "Wild" touch for your décor? Put a Tiger on your sofa or a Zebra on your chair, with these beautifully printed hair-on cowhide pillows! Get that rich "Designer Look" at an affordable price!

Here you will find heavily discounted prices on top quality leather pillows!  They could be prototypes, one offs, experiments, over runs, odd lots, whatever! All sold at UNBELIEVABLE LOW prices!! 

All are first quality pillows, not seconds!   

Look here for leather care tips, and the finest in leather cleaners and conditioners.  These fine products were made special for us, designed to keep our leather pillows clean and soft for years of service!!

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