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These are simply the finest, and the most beautiful leather pillows available anywhere. They're pricey, and worth every single dime. Constructed with our usual attention to quality and detail, these 18"x18" pillows are covered in fine Italian tanned calfskin, and will probably last several lifetimes. These pillows simply ooze richness and quality!

The construction features classic upholstery style seams, with a top stitched, four-quarter front panel and a solid single panel backside. The edges are joined by double sewn seams using top quality, color matched, bonded nylon thread. These special pillows are filled with a material we spent years searching for, an incredible new "synthetic down", that has all the best properties, but none of the drawbacks of down! This super comfortable polyester synthetic down material is cased in a 300TPI cotton down-proof ticking, with surge seamed edges-zero dust, and never a leak! These pillows have that nice dense down feel, that "thunk" when you hit 'em...But no worries about allergens, dust mites, no clumping, no pin feathers migrating out the seams! These fine Italian Calfskin Leather Pillows are as good as they get and will likely be passed on for generations!


For those of you that demand the very best, look no further.

The Francesca Collection, the finest leather pillows on the market.

Call if you'd like to see a sample of this fine Italian Calfskin, we'd be happy to send you a cutting.

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