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36" x 24" "The Titanic"-Classic Leather Floor Pillow C3624

Price: $359.00

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This gigantic 36" x 24" Classic leather floor pillow is huge, truly "The Titanic" of floor pillows!. The perfect size floor pillow for rug surfing, lounging on the floor with remote in hand! Add a couple 24" or 27" square leather pillows, and you can do away with all your furniture and live on the carpet! Has a single panel on one side and a "four quarter" panel on the other. Want a change? Just turn it over for a completely different look! Or, customize it by adding a button, fringe, or both! Made of top quality commercial grade upholstery leather with a light finish for that butter soft, smooth feel. And, when it comes to durability, nothing beats leather! Filled with 100% polyester fiber fill wrapped with 100% cotton batting for long lasting loft and the ultimate in comfort. Available in 19 colors!
ORDERING TIP: This huge leather pillow is perhaps the ultimate floor pillow. Combine one or even two of these with a couple of 24" or 27" Classic Leather Pillows, and you'll have a set of leather floor pillows that simply can't be beat! Perfect for Home Theater use! When you've got more guests watching the movie than you've got sofa, a couple of these and a pair of 24" leather pillows, and your guests can watch in comfort! Hey! Down in front!!


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