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Leather Care Products


Nothing is more luxurious and rich feeling than soft, supple leather. And, leather also happens to be one of natures most beautiful-and durable materials. Archeologists have dug up leather articles from the Roman Empire that are still intact after thousands of years! With proper care, you will be able enjoy your leather pillows for decades to come.

Here are just a few tips for caring for your new Leather Pillows:

Probably the most important rule is- Keep your Leather Pillows, and all fine leather items, out of direct sunlight. UV rays from the sun-the same ones that cause sunburn on our skin-will cause leather to fade, crack and dry out, shortening its useful life. Keep Leather Pillows away from extreme heat, such as a heat register or a radiator. High heat will cause the leather to dry out, losing its natural oils and causing it to become stiff and brittle. Never sit on a Leather Pillow while wearing leather. If you perspire, it can cause a bleeding of the dies, and a stain may occur. Keep pets off of Leather Pillows if possible-everything from claws to pet urine stains can ruin fine leather. If a Leather Pillow or other fine leather article should become soiled, or stained, clean it as soon as possible! The sooner the area is cleaned, the better the results can be. Never store a Leather Pillow against any sharp surface or hard edge, which can cause unsightly creases, dents or stretching to the leather. Never allow a Leather Pillow to become excessively dirty-dirt and body oils can become embedded in the leather, and cause stains that can become difficult to clean.

If your Leather Pillow or other leather item becomes soiled or even stained, rest assured, many of these conditions can be cleaned! All "Top Coated", Finished or "Protected" leather may be cleaned quite easily by using our Leather Pillow Cleaner. Most dirt, oils, food/beverage stains and other types of soiling may be cleaned, without damaging the finish of the leather, or causing hardness or stiffening of the leather. Cleaning of the leather should be followed by conditioning, using our Leather Pillow Conditioner. This will replenish the natural oils and lubricants that have been diminished by everyday use and cleaning. Both of these products were formulated for use on our leathers, without harmfull or harsh chemicals. As with all our products, they are made in the USA!

WARNING: Keep these, and all household chemicals OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN!

All of our products are carefully hand crafted,
custom made to order right here in the U.S.A.!