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1. How do I submit an image for my Create A Pillow Photo Pillow?
It’s really quite easy. First, order your pillow by selecting what size photo pillow you want, what color leather you want on the back side of the pillow and whether you want fringe or not. Fill out all your pertinent information, and place your order. You will then receive an order confirmation email. Confirm that all your information is correct, click “reply”, then “attach files”, attach your image in the form of a JPG, and click “send”. That’s it! If you're still not sure how to do it, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to walk you through the process. We can be reached Mon-Fri, 10am to 6pm, PST.

2. Can LeatherPillowFactory.com match a leather pillow to my leather sofa/loveseat/chair?
The short answer is no. There are thousands of different colors, styles and finishes of leather used by many manufacturers to make furniture. The chances of being able to exactly match any particular color or finish of leather used on a piece of furniture are slim, indeed. Perhaps you should consider looking for a contrasting or complimentary color to use as an accent for your leather pillows. If you need some guidance, feel free to call us, or consult our “Decorating Tips” (coming soon!) section for ideas.

3. Can you make a leather pillow in any color?
Well yes, within reason, and provided we can find a tannery that makes the color you want. We have 19 standard colors, and we have access to literally HUNDREDS of other colors, far too many to list. If you don’t see exactly what you want on our standard list, please contact us. Chances are, we can get a color leather that will work for you.

4. Can you make a pillow any size?
Yes, within reason. If you have a specific need for a size you don’t see listed, please contact us. Chances are, we can make whatever you need in the size that will work for your particular application.

5. Can you supply me with leather samples before I order?
Yes, we are happy to provide samples. You can order up to 5 different leather swatches, free of charge, by clicking on the “order color swatches” link on any item page. There will be a form you can fill out. You should receive your samples in about 3 days.

6. Why do you suggest ordering a pillow one size larger than the size I want?
Due to differences in the temper of leathers and the high loft properties of our fillers, sizing our leather pillows is a little bit different than with most other pillows. When our pillows are filled and "plump up", they measure from 1" to about 1 1/2" smaller, when measured across the center, looking straight on. An 18" pillow, while still measuring 18" from seam to seam, will appear to be about 16 1/2" across the middle. This will change as the pillow is used and the filler settles in, but not a lot. That's why we suggest you order your pillows one size larger than the finished size you want.

7. Does LeatherPillowFactory.com have a retail store where I can come and browse through pillows to find the one I want?
Sorry, no, we do not have a store, we have a factory only-it is not open to the public.

8. How can I get a “Designers and Decorators” discount?
We require proof that you are indeed in the business of interior design or decorating to offer you a “trade discount”. We will set you up with a designers and decorators account once you have met our criteria, which requires documentation. Contact us at 877-723-7253 for more information.

9. I’m not comfortable placing online orders and putting my credit card and personal information over the web. Is there another way to place an order?
Yes, absolutely. Many people are not comfortable sending their personal information through cyber space. We will be happy to take your order over the phone. Call us toll free at 877-723-7253. We are open Monday-Friday 10am to 6pm, PST

10. What forms of payment do you accept?
We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card and Paypal - online and over the phone. You can also place a phone order and send us a personal or business check. This will delay shipment of your order until the check clears, but usually not more than 7 business days.

11.Does LeatherPillowFactory.com maintain a mailing list and once I place an order, send me free offers and spam and things?
No way! We respect our customer privacy, (please see our privacy policy) and do not send "Spam" emails nor do we sell or lend your email address or any personal information to ANYONE, EVER! We may, on rare occasions, send you an email letting you know about a sale we are having, but our prices are so low, we rarely have sales! We treat your personal information as carefully as we do our own.

12. Does LeatherPillowFactory.com have my pillows in stock, or do you make each one to order?
We do not stock pillows, as we have well over 24,000 possible combinations of different sizes, colors, images and options, so stocking them would be impossible. We custom make each pillow to your specifications. The pillows featured in our Specials and Closeouts page as well as The Two Rock Collection are usually in stock and ready to ship, but many of these are made to order, also.

13. Can I change my color selection after my order is placed?
Yes, you usually have about 3-4 days in which you can change your order. Contact us with your order number via email or by phone at 877-723-7253 and we will make the change for you, if at all possible. Many people place an order, and order swatches at the same time. When they get their swatches, they call to change their color selections, or have their original selections confirmed.

14. How long will it take to get my order?
We usually process, produce and ship an order in about 7-10 working days (Monday-Friday). Orders placed after 3pm PST Friday will be processed on Monday. When we are really busy, especially around the Holidays, it can take as much as 14 days for your order to ship. Transit time varies by location, but figure about 4-6 days to most locations. Some areas of the East Coast & Florida may take longer. To expedite your order, you can opt for our Express Service, which is UPS Third Day Select service. There is an extra charge for this service.

15. When will my order arrive after shipment? Will you let me know when it ships?
We ship UPS Ground almost exclusively, but on some orders, we can ship USPS Priority Mail if needed. We now use USPS Priority Mail International for shipments to Canada! Transit time depends on your location, but usually 2-3 days on the west coast, 4-6 days to most other parts of the country. Parts of Florida and some other areas may take longer. You can opt for our Express Service, which is UPS Third Day Select service. There is an extra charge for this service. You should receive an email telling you when your order has been shipped, and it will include a tracking number, so you'll be able to follow your shipments progress.

16. Can I track my order?
Yes, UPS Ground & Third Day Select has tracking. Your tracking number can be found in the email you received when your order shipped.

17. Do you accept returns?
Absolutely. We follow "The Golden Rule" in business, and treat each customer and order as we would like to be treated in the same situation. That being said, we will accept returns for any reason at all, within 2 weeks of receiving your order. Please call or email us for a “Return Authorization” number. We will accept returns with out this number, but you will be charged a 15% restocking fee, so it is best to contact us before you send your return! We do not refund any shipping charges, unless we made a mistake, and then, we will cover shipping costs

18. Can you make a custom Two Rock Pillow to my specifications?
Yes, we would be happy to work closely with you to get exactly what you have in mind.

19-A. I need a cushion for my wooden dining chairs, or for a large wood bench. Can I use a pillow sized to fit?
We don't recommend using our pillows as seat cushions. Seat cushions are filled with a special high density foam, designed to be resilient and provide proper cushioning. (See below). Our pillows are filled with polyester fiberfill, and are designed to be used as pillows, only. They are generally too soft and “plump” to be used for sitting on.

19-B. I need a cushion for my dining chairs, bench, window seat or booth. Do you make seat cushions sized for chairs or benches?
NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT!! YES! Due to numerous requests, we now offer custom made seat cushions, in all our standard leather colors - CALL FOR DETAILS & PRICING!. Contact us with the dimensions of your chair, bench, window seat or booth, and we'll quote you a price for SEAT CUSHIONS. Our DINING CHAIR CUSHIONS are made with a 2" seat cushion foam core, wrapped with a soft 1" polyester batting for softness, and our BENCH & BOOTH CUSHIONS are made with a 4" foam core wrapped with a soft 2" polyester batting. Call for pricing & details - Toll Free at 877-723-7253

20. Is LeatherPillowFactory.com a “Green Business”?
Well, we try very hard to be as green as possible! We do recycle everything we possibly can, from office paper to cardboard boxes. Our leather scrap is recycled to make “bonded leather” products. And, all of our leather is from cowhides, which is a by product of the food industry. We are constantly looking for more ways to be "environmentally friendly", so if you have a suggestion or idea in this regard, please let us know!

21. Do you make suede leather pillows?
Not at this time. Suede leather has no finish on it, and every color we’ve tested “crocks”, or the color wipes off when rubbed against a lighter colored fabric or leather. Until we find suede or nubuc leather that meets our high standards of durability and function, we won’t be offering suede pillows.

22. Can you repair my damaged leather pillow?
If we manufactured it, yes, we can try. It depends on the issue. Many conditions can be fixed. Contact us about your specific needs.

23. Do you make pillows out of anything but leather?
Nope, we prefer to focus on doing one thing, and doing it as well as it can be done. We make only real, high quality, genuine leather pillows.

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